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Oct 11, 2010  Welcome to the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association Forum, Accuracy on a 7mm Savage I have a Savage 111 in 7mm Rem. mag. that I am having a hell of a time shooting. It is the package model that came with a Simons scope (since replaced with a Nikon Monarch). IDec 13, 2018 Long Range Hunting Forum. Home Forums Rifles, Reloading, Optics use the barnes in a. 243 and they are very impressive and i use the ELDX in. 308 and have no complaints they are very accurate and cheap compared to others. . i just recently picked up a Remington 700 in 7mm rem mag im going to make into a light weight ish hunting rifle 7mm rem mag accuracy forum

first off id like to thank all the members here for their info. this is by far the most informative group of guys on any shooting forum ive seen! enough of that. ive never owned or even shot a 7mm rem mag, but i can get a helluva deal on a brand new Rem 700 police in 7mm from a local shop.

Feb 05, 2007 What kind of shooting has the rifle seen? Handloads? Do you know what kind of accuracy the rifle had in the past vs. now? If you are getting MOA type of accuracy, you should be fine. If you are in the 2 MOA area, you might want to start thinking about a new barrel. When you get to this point, have the action blueprinted and the lugs lapped. Dec 03, 2018  For what you want, I'd go with the 7mm08 also. I've had several magnum cartridge's, one a 7mm Rem Mag, sako L61. Recoil beat the tar out of me unless I shot it a lot, which I did. The reloading aspect is right to a point. I neck sized a couple time's7mm rem mag accuracy forum Oct 23, 2017 I know the 300 Win Mag will fit the bill for all of those things. I just came about a pretty good deal on a Remington 700 chambered in 7mm Remington Mag. I have no experience or knowledge with this cartridge but have been told it is very similar to the 300 Win Mag as far as velocity, long distance accuracy and knock down power.

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Nov 01, 2010 Welcome to the Predator Masters Forums Be sure to visit the main Predator Master website at. my 700 in 7 rem mag will do. 8 at 100 yards w federal ammo possibly the cheapest, least accurate ammo that can be found. accuracy expectations from a 7mm mag. model 700? [Re: pahntr760 gonzaga 7mm rem mag accuracy forum Nov 26, 2006 enough of that. ive never owned or even shot a 7mm rem mag, but i can get a helluva deal on a brand new Rem 700 police in 7mm from a local shop. i just got back from colorado elk hunting and i want to get a rifle more suited for large game. i used my rem 700 in 270 for my kill but id like something a little larger. Sniping Cartridges 7mm Remington Magnum. While we initially did not include the 7mm Rem Mag in our ammo section, it actually does have a sniper history, primarily with the US Secret Service. They used the 7mm Rem Mag for a good number of years using ammo loaded by HSM. Oct 04, 2011 Well yesterday I came home with a Remington 700 SPS in 7mm mag. I was actually looking for either a. 3006 or a. 243. I have 0 experence with a 7mm mag. And this will be the first belted magnum or actually the first magnum rifle I have ever owned. I have been told that the 7mm mag is very similar to the. 3006 but each has there advantage. May 02, 2011  RugerM77 7mm Mag Accuracy. This is a discussion on RugerM77 7mm Mag Accuracy within the Ruger Bolt Action forums, part of the Rifle& Shotgun Forum category; Gentlemen, I have a problem with my M77 7mm Mag when it comes to accuracy. Things I have done: sent back to

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